Servant's Salute

"Don't be afraid to trust God. Be afraid not to!"

One way to help the spiritual wellbeing of America is through our Prayers. How can we expect God to bless or change our nation when we don't even talk to Him, unless we just want something? When was the last time we thanked God for all we have, or spent time on our knees for family, friends, and neighbors who may not even know we are doing so? When was the last time we confessed the things we have done wrong and repented of not doing the things that are right? Seeking God’s face in prayer is seeing Him for who he is (holy) and acknowledging who we are (sinful), knowing that our relationship with Him (whether good or bad) affects not only ourselves but all of those around us. Are we praying for our country and leaders as much as we find ourselves talking against them? While we should pray for God to give us leaders who desire to serve Him, should we not likewise pray that He would change the hearts of those we believe do not currently follow after Him? May we be as the publican and not as the Pharisee [n], and find ourselves praying for our country and all persons.

40 Days for Life
Pray for the lives of unborn babies, for the mothers, fathers, and all persons involved.

40 Days of Prayer
Pray for the upcoming election, but also for all of our leaders daily.

One must be proactive if spiritual change is to happen.

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